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Real Estate Consultancy

Prime Consult advises and assists its clients in all aspects related to a real estate development such as:

  • Architectural planning and development
  • Urban design
  • Market Research
  • Financial and Legal aspects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Coordination between all key parties involved

Development Planning and Coordination

Prime Consult monitors all the operational management tasks in the development of a project:

  • Design: from selection process and contract preparation to architect(s) and sub-consultants supervision
  • Construction: from tendering process and contract preparation to contractors and sub-contractors supervision
  • Construction Management: from selection process and contract preparation to technical supervision and quantity surveying
  • Government Relations: supervision and follow-up on all permits and authorization requested for the construction
  • Handing Over: Overseeing final acceptance inspections of all aspects of the project in close coordination with the facility management
  • Accounting: follow up on payments and collection, preparation of outflows look-ahead schedule, VAT declaration
  • Legal: follow-up and coordination on all involved parties contracts
  • Auditing: follow-up on all requests from auditors


Prime Consult develops a strategic marketing program based on Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) proper to each development:

  • Name
  • Visual Identity
  • Iimage and Positioning
  • Launching
  • Communication Plan / Adequate Messages
  • Advertising / Media Supports
  • Awareness Sustainability

While these tasks are executed by specialized agencies, the marketing strategy, fine-tuning and planning are executed in-house and aligned with the sales objectives defined by the Fund.


The sales plan is prepared in conjunction with the strategic marketing program, the sales forecast and the project’s cash projection.
Our sales strategy is based on the right identification of the target market, the comprehensive promotional program, the quality and price relation, as well as our professional sales team.

  • Collaboration with the Architects (layouts, specifications, amenities, etc.)
  • Detailed Presentation of the Project
  • Client Database and Follow-ups
  • Identification of Adequate Brokers and Agents
  • Participation in Real Estate Exhibitions and Forums
  • Liaising with the Lawyers on Clients’ Sales Contracts
  • Liaising with the architects on Technical Requests
  • Liaising with the Management on Discounts and Payment Terms
  • Negotiations and Closing of Sales
  • Follow-up on payments

Financial Analysis and Advisory

Each project is constantly monitored and analyzed from a financial perspective in order to provide guidance for purposes such as:

  • Constant alignment with the objectives set by the management
  • Setting-out the pricing strategy and Milestones
  • Monitoring and ad hoc amendments of the milestones
  • Regular forecasting and updating the concerned departments with actions or provisions to be implemented
  • Preparing and submitting detailed studies for bank financing requests
  • Updating the bank on the project evolution

Property Management

Prime Consult prides itself on providing its clients with the full service of Property Management:

  • Property Administration: operational and legal
  • Rentals and rental management
  • Strategies for upgrading the value of existing income producing properties